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We are official and exclussive distributor of the COMPANY AQUALUNG products in the territory of Latvia. To get information for the available items please vist the web-sites:
title_image Name Description
add_to_printout 120,130,135,140,145,150,155,165,170cm
skates 2 in 1 PW-153-14 blue add_to_printout Skates 2 in 1. Adjustable sizes: 29-32, 37-40.
Skates 2 in 1 PW-153-14 red add_to_printout Skates 2 in 1. Adjustable sizes: 29-32, 33-36; 37-40.
Skates 2 in 1 PW-153-14 pink add_to_printout Skates 2 in 1. Adjustable sizes: 29-32, 33-36.
figure ice skates PW-215-2 add_to_printout Figure ice skates, colour: white, sizes: 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41.
Ice hockey skates PW-219 add_to_printout Adjustable ice hockey skates. Sizes: 33-36, 37-40.
Ice hockey skates PW-216J add_to_printout Ice hockey skates, sizes: 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47.
AB-ROCKET add_to_printout


The AB-Rocket is the revolutionary way to work your lower, upper, middle abs and even your sides, giving you the body that you've always wanted. In just 5 minutes a day the AB Rocket will rocket your abs from flab to fab. The AB-Rocket comfortably supports your head and neck while the rolling cushion action gives a gentle massage every time you work out. And with three levels of resistance, the AB-Rocket is perfect for exercise beginners and pros alike.

What's included:

*1xAb Rocket Unit;

*3 pairs of resistance springs;

*1x Fast Blasting Workouts -Includes;

*Ab Blaster Programme ;

*Rockin Cardio Dance Programme;

*Pilates Asist Programme;


Bench for powerlifting TB014A add_to_printout Bench for powerlifting SPORTERA TB014A. height regulated. options for other excercises.
Sit-up Bench SB001 add_to_printout Sit-up Bench SPORTERA SB001.