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We are official and exclussive distributor of the COMPANY AQUALUNG products in the territory of Latvia. To get information for the available items please vist the web-sites:
Information about goods can be seen

title_image Name Description
WISH PRO 215 add_to_printout Badminton Bat Wish PRO 215. For Beginners. Material: Aluminium + Steel. Weight 99.9 gr. lenght 665mm
WISH PRO 308 add_to_printout Badminton Set for Beginners. Material: Aluminium + Steel. 2 Rackets in  Bat Cover.
WISH 99 add_to_printout Badminton Bat for Advanced Players+ Bat Cover. Material: graphite+aluminium.
WISH 9906 add_to_printout Squash Bat for Middle Level Players+Bat Cover. Material: Aluminium+Graphite. 
S-350 add_to_printout Set of 6 pieces Training Badminton Shuttlecocks.
Set 3in 1 JC-238A add_to_printout Set 3 in 1 JC-238A. Badminton, volejball, teniss.