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Information about goods can be seen
We are official and exclussive distributor of the COMPANY AQUALUNG products in the territory of Latvia. To get information for the available items please vist the web-sites:

title_image Name Description
WISH PRO 215 add_to_printout Badminton Bat Wish PRO 215. For Beginners. Material: Aluminium + Steel. Weight 99.9 gr. lenght 665mm
WISH PRO 308 add_to_printout Badminton Set for Beginners. Material: Aluminium + Steel. 2 Rackets in  Bat Cover.
WISH 99 add_to_printout Badminton Bat for Advanced Players+ Bat Cover. Material: graphite+aluminium.
WISH 9906 add_to_printout Squash Bat for Middle Level Players+Bat Cover. Material: Aluminium+Graphite. 
S-350 add_to_printout Set of 6 pieces Training Badminton Shuttlecocks.
Set 3in 1 JC-238A add_to_printout Set 3 in 1 JC-238A. Badminton, volejball, teniss.