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title_image Name Description
Motor Sportera add_to_printout Electric Trolling Motor. 5 Forward Speeds, 3 Reverse Speeds. Strong Composite Fibre Glass Shaft.
Boat FISHMAN II 500 add_to_printout Inflatable boat FISHMAN II 500. Length: 3.6 m, width-1.75 m. Carrying capacity -380 kg. Motor fittings is optional,not include.  CE Certified.
Boat CHEYENNE NavigatorIII 400 add_to_printout Inflatable boat CHEYENNE Navigator III 400. Length: 3.05 m, width-1.57 m. Carrying capacity -280 kg. Motor fittings is optional. CE Certified.
NavigatorII-400 add_to_printout NavigatorII-400. Liftpower 300 kg. Lenght 3.05 m. Weight 22 kg.
Fishman Boat 350,200SET add_to_printout

Inflatable boat "Fishman350". PVC material. Size: 318x152, 340 kg,4 cameras.

Inflatable boat "Fishman200SET". PVC material. Size: 230x130, 190 kg,4 cameras, including plastic  pump and oars.

SEAHAWK 2 SET add_to_printout Inflatable boat SEAHAWK 2 SET. Size: 236 x 114 x 41 cm, material thickness 0,5 mm, 200 kg weight limit. Boat comes with two oars and pump. Boat weight 9,2 kg.
Seahawk 4 add_to_printout Intex Seahawk 4. Liftpower 400 kg. Size 351x145x48cm.
Boat Z-ray 2 500 add_to_printout Z-Ray (Buccaneer) Boat. 360x170x44 cm with Aluminium Floor. The high pressure Air Deck floor provides rigidity to the hull and ensures comfort for occupants. Quick to assemble and inflate, convenient to carry and pack for storage.
Mariner 4 add_to_printout Mariner 4. Size 330x145x48cm. Liftpower 400 kg
Manometr JL29P135 add_to_printout Manometr JL29P135